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The Lost Art Of Brevity

Build your brand story and let it be heard

Communicating an effective brand story shouldn’t be any harder than telling friends about your weekend or summarising the action of the last movie you saw. Nevertheless, we’ve all met that guy before. The one who just can’t tell a story to save his life; a chronic over explainer that somehow manages to say less the more he speaks.

In the age of data overload, where the average human attention span has dipped to a trifling 8.25 seconds, the lost art of brevity is a more valuable practise than ever before.

A brand story is something that’s going to get told again and again over the life of your product or service, so there’s no sense in repeating every last detail with each retelling. When you trim away the less essential information, people are able to focus clearly on the message.

If over explaining is half the problem, under preparing usually makes up the rest of it. It’s next to impossible to keep your message brief if you’re not well prepared. When you choose to focus on only the essential components and get selective about which details to include, your brand story stays fresh and has much better odds of keeping audience interest.

They say that, “brevity is the soul of wit.” And while this is certainly no laughing matter, the analogy to brand story is plainly there. When it comes to developing your brand story, don’t be the comedian that slogs his way through a tedious story on stage. Be the quipster that’s quick on the draw with razor-sharp delivery instead.

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