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The Loyalty Myth

How loyalty can grow your brand to new heights

“There’s no such thing as loyalty anymore.” – the mantra of frustrated marketers when the numbers aren’t where they ought to be. But it’s a thin excuse and a half-truth at best. We can debate whether or not brand loyalty ever really existed at all, but when growth stalls, or comes screeching to a halt, eroding loyalty isn’t the culprit. Inspired competition usually is.

Think back to what brought your brand to the dance to start with: distinction. In the beginning, consumers likely saw your product or service as an exciting and welcome alternative within the category and you won new customers in the process. Now ask yourself this: what have you been doing since then to retain those same customers’ allegiance?

Probably not as much as the competition has.

No one gets to be the “new kid on the block” for long. When the average human attention span now sits at just 8.25 seconds – you can’t expect people to sit and listen if you’re not making any noise. Blaming dull performance on eroding loyalty never grew a thing. A brand has to stay hungry, especially if it’s been sitting comfortably in the catbird seat for too long. Because the competition is ravenous.

There’s no such thing as the finish line when it comes to growing a brand. The minute you think you see the chequered flag is the minute you’ve lost the race. When increasing the number of buyers is the surest metric for measuring brand growth, it takes on-going commitment to thrive. Not excuses.

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